Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Claim

Save the Planet, Use Bamboo

‘To Build our Houses, we do not cut Trees, we cut Grass…’

It was developed on the basis of our economical, ecological and social responsibility. As a company we see ourselves as an integral part of all three areas. We aim to make positive impacts with our products, our people, our behaviour and our operations. It is not just complying with rules and legislation, but to do more. This is something which is in our hearts.

Economic responsibility
Several innovations, from very old customs, bring us to produce sustainable products and prove that our efforts to protect the environment and economic success can go hand in hand.

Environmental responsibility
Chalet & Bamboo follows several ideas to optimize the ecological impact of its products, treatment and finishing. Products are created and improved in terms of their ecological impact throughout the entire product life cycle.

Social responsibility
Respect of Human rights:
In all our production stages, basic principles of Human rights Chart and ethical labour are enforced and respected.

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