Friday, June 10, 2011

Other alternatives methods of bamboo's treatment

Treatment in boiling linseed oil / oleo-thermal process:
The culms or slats of bamboo are soaked in linseed oil heated to between 100 and 120 ° C.
The treatment of bamboo by oleo-thermal process is to our knowledge not developed mainly due to the excessive cost of energy to boil the oil in large basins.

The principle of the process is to heat the bamboo in an autoclave at a temperature high enough (for bamboo between 150 and 200 ° C), in anoxic condition and to regularly inject steam to avoid the bamboo to ignite. Bamboo is "cooked" in some way and stabilized while remaining solid. Its ability to absorb water is reduced by half.

The technique thermo-treatment of bamboo is an alternative to preservative treatment with use of insecticides and chemicals. However, heating the bamboo at high temperatures makes it stable and virtually rot-proof. It thus makes naturally resistant to borers, termites, fungi and moisture.

Vacuum High Temperature
Bamboo products treated by this method can also be used as a structural element of a building. But bamboo from thermo-treated tends to reduce strength and flexibility, and their implementation in structure requires special precautions (such as use of larger section).
They are also ideal for flooring, decks, exterior, siding etc.

The bamboo processing under high temperatures is to our knowledge not yet developed. Chalet & Bamboo seriously considers this method of treatment but requires a significant investment.

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