Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chemical Bamboo treatment methods

Chemical preservatives are used to protect bamboo products from degradation. These are well established methods providing good protection even in adverse conditions.

Tanalised method - chromated copper arsenate (CCA):
As for wood, bamboo products are often tanalised, impregnated under pressure or by boiling with highly toxic substances such as chromated copper arsenate (CCA) to protect against rot.

The CCA has been very effective but very toxic and carcinogenic.
Other products are used as "ammoniacal copper arsenate" or ACA. Ammoniac facilitating penetration in bamboo or wood makes this product effective against fungi, bacteria and insects.

Ammoniac and copper components are highly and eco-toxic non-degradable. They therefore pose problems in end of life of the product.

Due to these toxins, it is advised that not to burn tanalised products, since arsenic (which is a poison) is immediately released into the ambient atmosphere.

Chemical Treatment by boiling
 Since the 1990s, this product is prohibited gradually increasing number of countries and a growing number of uses.

Unfortunately, these products are still widely used in some bamboo factories without much consideration.

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