Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Manufacture of flattened bamboo panels

Flattened Bamboo Board - Wall and Ceiling
To make panels flattened bamboo, the bamboo pole has to be flattened. It is crucial to use freshly cut stems.
The first step is to break all the nodes of the bamboo stalk and along its entire periphery. This is done entirely by hand using a knife or hatchet. Then the interior knots are completely split to facilitate manual opening of the stem. The bamboo is then opened and flattened.

The interior nodes are then removed.
It is this stage that flattened bamboo stalks receive preventive treatment against fungi and insects and then dried.
Once dried, flattened bamboo will be planed to make flat surfaces. They will then be sized, arranged and be glued and pressed on a “smart” board made of synthetic fibers and cellulose (water resistant).
These panels, with very pronounced nodes make this material a very distinctive rugged looking element, and are ready for walls and ceilings.

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