Monday, June 13, 2011

Manufacture of Strand Woven Bamboo

Unlike other bamboo products, if the bamboo is used for making Strand Woven Bamboo, all species and sizes of bamboo can be used since the plant is mature. However, it is important to begin manufacturing within the days following of harvest.
Outdoor Strand Woven Bamboo Decking
The outer knots are removed and the pole is split into slats, the interior knots are removed and the slats are then planed.
Indeed, it is necessary to remove the outer skin and the knots inside that are not appropriate in the manufacturing process: The protective skin of the bamboo is too fat and the internal knots are too soft.
The slats are then cut into strands. More the strands of bamboo are thinner, more the finished product will be better.
The strands of bamboo are then treated by boiling in an antifungal and insecticide solution (for natural color) or carbonized (for the color of coffee).

The strands are then dried. After drying, they are dipped in glue. This process ensures that the glue is linked to the strands of bamboo.
The strands are prepared together in a mold and are press under very high pressure at high temperature.
This process results in a solid bamboo board that is almost twice the density of regular bamboo flooring. In terms of sustainability, high density created by this process allows Strand Woven Bamboo to be used in exterior and appropriate for use in high traffic public spaces.
The density of Strand Woven Bamboo is very important up to 1200 kg / m3.

One advantage of this method is that it produces no waste, indeed all of the bamboo plant and the small pieces can be used when only the biggest part of the stem of bamboo can be used for traditional solid hardwood floor.
This means that Strand Woven Bamboo are not only more sustainable, but could be considered more environmentally friendly than other types of bamboo flooring.
Rather than losing the wastes of bamboo in the process of making slats for flooring, they are immediately recycled by Strand Woven Bamboo.

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