Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Manufacture of woven bamboo plywood

In the same way as for the bamboo flooring, the bamboo pole to the manufacture of woven bamboo plywood, is cut lengthwise to desired length, the outer knots are removed and the poles are split or sawn into slats, the internal knots are removed and the slats are then planed.
The green outer skin is removed by planing.
It is at this stage that the slats will receive preventive treatment against fungi and insects.
The strips are then dried.
Zoom - Woven Bamboo Plywood
After drying, the slats are cut into thin strips. These are calibrated and weaved to form single sheet. After gluing, the panels are pressed at high temperature.
Several sheets of woven bamboo can be pressed to one another under high temperature until the required thickness of plywood. A part from its decorative aspect, board of woven bamboo plywood is stronger and more flexible than ordinary plywood. Woven bamboo plywood offers no deformation under the action of water or changing temperatures. This is not the case with the regular plywood made from wood.
These panels of woven bamboo plywood are also very effective as a concrete form.
Reuse is 3 times higher than regular plywood (for the same thickness and same quantity of concrete).


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