Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manufacture of “Opium” Bamboo Mat board

In the same principle as the flattened bamboo, stems should be split and then be flattened.
Zoom - Opium Bamboo Mat Board
The difference for “Opium” Bamboo Mat, the stem is split very carefully and fully to manufacture thin bamboo strips which are then drilled in their thickness and connected together by an invisible thread.
Traditionally, this mat used by opium smokers, they lay on the ground on the bamboo mat. The mat could be so completely rolled and unrolled for storage or travel. These mats have been intelligently designed to allow air to circulate under the body of the smoker to help him stay cool and comfortable while smoking.
Now considered a product of antiquity, these mats are very rare.
In partnership with a local company which patented the manufacturing process, we can provide you this unique product.
Arranged and pasted to be pressed on a “smart” board, a panel of synthetic fiber and cellulose (water resistant). “Opium” Bamboo Mat board has a slightly unique "grain" with a strikingly elegant appearance. Perfect for your indoor decorations.

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